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    Assam and Nilgiris are two well-known tea growing regions of India. Assam being the single-largest, tea growing region in the world and Nilgiris being the highest tea growing region in the world. Tea from Assam makes a strong, brisk, malty and a full-bodied cup whereas high-grown Nilgiri tea is considered‚ the “Southern Darjeeling” and is known worldwide for its fragrant, bright and brisk character. These two regions produce very distinct, region specific teas because of different geographical and climatic conditions.

  • English Breakfast
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    Quantity: 25 Tea Bags

    A rich, bold, robust, traditionally blended classic tea.This "HighTea", English Breakfast Tea wakes your senses in the morning and complements your breakfast. Start your day on a high note with this full-bodied, yet smooth cup that goes well with milk and sugar. It gives the boost that you need in...

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