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Enjoy 100% natural honey, free of antibiotics. Our nutritious honey is packed in a convenient single-serve packaging of 8g each, which is not messy and easier to serve in a cup. A sweet treat for a quick energy fix, rip, squeeze & enjoy these delicious Honey Twigs, pack of 30 twigs. They are also a perfect addition for gift baskets etc. Stash a box in your office, keep one in the kitchen, or reach out for them in the car. Enjoy Honey Twigs on the go!
Straight from the lush, Litchi orchards of Muzaffarpur in North India our honey owes its flavour to the nectar of the Litchi flowers which has its own unique natural taste. It gives an absolutely delicious flavour and taste which complements your beverages, toasts, waffles or anything that needs a sweetener.